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Welcome to my Brain

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Rhiannon AKA Daryl "Boogie" Diamond
21 December
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You know you want this. Do not lie to yourself, for it's bad for you. YOU WANT THIS!!!! YOU WANT IT BAD!!!!

I love you. That is all.

I am flawed if I am not free.

I am the Rebel Yell. Mo Mo Mo.

"Any love is fine, it's your hatred you have to watch."

" There's two kinds of people in this world, Michael Jackson fans and losers." - Seth Green

People say beware, but I don't care.
17 years, 60's, 70's, 80's, a tribe called quest, ac/dc, ace of base, adrien brody, alan cumming, alyson hannigan, america's next top model, amy poehler, andy warhol paintings, angelina jolie, ani difranco, ashton kutcher, austin powers, beastie boys, beavis and butthead, billy idol, bitch beers, bjork, black and white photos, blondie, british slang, buffy the vampire slayer, c&c music factory, carey's laugh, cell phone haters, cher, cloudless skies, courtney love, cyndi lauper, dancing, dane cook, danni screaming, david bowie, dean martin, deee-lite, disco bloodbath, drag queens, drum sets, fiona apple, fire, frank sinatra, freddie mercury, fufu berry, garbage, gay men, gilda radner, goodwill shirts, green, guitars, hedwig, hole, iggy pop, interpol, jack black, jake gyllenhaal, james brown, james st. james, janis joplin, jay mccarroll, jefferson airplane, jimi hendrix, joan jett, john robinson, jonathan rhys myers, jonny lang, juned, junior senior, kathy griffin, kiera knightley, l7, lauryn hill, leather jackets, led zeppelin, life, lisa kudrow, lou reed, lucious jackson, ludwig van beethoven, madonna, maggie gyllenhaal, mamas and the papas, margaret cho, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, maya rudolph, michael pitt, missy elliot, molly shannon, mullets, nirvana, no doubt, p!nk, parker posey, pat benetar, patti smith, pepper ann, placebo, portishead, prince, prodigy, project runway, pulp fiction, queen, queen latifah, queer eye, rachel dratch, rage against the machine, ramones, red hair, regina spektor, rilo kiley, rocky horror picture show, romy and michelle, rupaul, salt-n-pepa, saturday night live, save ferris, scissor sisters, screaming, sex pistols, silence, smashing pumpkins, smell of old books, spice girls, sylvia plath, tank girl, tattoos, the beatles, the cranberries, the culture club, the donnas, the doors, the ravonettes, the strokes, the vines, the white stripes, tina fey, tori amos, unity, veruca salt, volkswagon beetle, wayne's world, will and grace, writing, x-men, yeah yeah yeahs