Rhiannon AKA Daryl "Boogie" Diamond (freak_nation) wrote,
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Don't eat the worm.....

I ran last night. For a lap and a fourth because this gal is Out. Of. Shape. But, hey I ran....in intervals. BUT DAMMIT I FUCKING RAN!!! Yeah. Take that, maaaan.

I've been listening to Erykah Badu's live album incessively, it's definitely not a bad thing, but I like to keep all my music in a constant cycle. A circle of life if you will, but the kind in which Mufasa doesn't die and I don't cry over Jonathan Taylor Thomas pleading for James Earl Jones to get up. It's just that that album is heaven. Pure, neo-soul heaven. She and D'Angelo have been oozing out of my car's speakers. *closes eyes* Oh D'Angelo. How fine you are.

Hm. I seem to be running out of time on this computer. Library. Yeah. This is the only thing that can make me shut up....a time limit. *shakes head at world*
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