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Oh my god, are my lips really that big?....

I must own Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. It should be my fate, but yet, I own it not.

I'm currently at Morgan's abode. I had spent the night with her and Briea. Cool chick she is. She laughs at most things that I say, so therefore, she's good in my book, sista. They are both still asleep, I on the other hand, can never get my brain to shut up to do so.

I have no idea what to say, though I do have David Bowie's "Starman" stuck in my head. Nice. Good on ya, brain, good on ya.

I watched Angels in the Outfield with the Kids, two days ago. I had forgotten that I do like that movie. It's very uplifting and it was the first time I watched it in close to a decade. I have a memory of watching it at Discovery when I was a kid and how at the part, when Danny Glover tells Tony Danza that Joesph Gordon-Levitt sees an angel with him and the entire crowd/team starts waving their wings, I remember getting up and waving my "wings" too. Along with others that joined in. When that part came up, I jumped up and started to wave my arms. I yelled, "Kids! Wave your wings!" We all stood up and started flapping. The kids were standing on their chairs, smiling, and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't think about childhood. Childhood is a wonderful, short-lived experience. The good things you remember are what make anyone smile. As a kid, I would get chill bumps at that part. It represented unity. They were all rooting for the pitcher, even though his pitches were lagging, they believed that he could turn it out. I still, to this day, get goosebumps and I'm not ashamed to admit that. Call me a geek if you want, but you can suck it.

I'm going to go home now, I must sleep properly.
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