Rhiannon AKA Daryl "Boogie" Diamond (freak_nation) wrote,
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Plaque of the incessive dreams of him....

I have been having dreams of either confronting a manchild that scorned me a while back or him trying to get in contact with me. I have been wanting to talk to him, but he has to want it to. Stupid boys....I need a fucking MAN!

Bloated. Ew. Periods suck. I wish that Richard Pryor was a woman. He would have given periods a new light. Margaret Cho was right when she said, that she was sure that if he had a period, he would talk about it.

I miss this. Typing (Writing). I rarely do it anymore. That, in itself, is disgusting. I do have a lot to talk about now.

Well...I'm off to battle the hellians.
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