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Aviators slide on the dashboard when there's nothing to hold it in place....

No nap again today. Which I believe to be a good thing. Napping is killing my brain.
Don't question my logic, at least I know what I'm talking about. Most people get lost when I start a converstation anyway, since I jump from one subject to another. Which I've come to believe may be heritary. Granny's like that, but I'm not that bad yet.

I've been listening to the Vespertine album all day today. I left a facebook status that mentioned that I wanted Bjork to sing the whole album to me while atop a floating pedestal, in a pool of baby turtles while crying softly in a cotton candy pillow that wouldn't stick to my face. I actually don't like cotton candy...but if I had a cotton candy pillow...I'd lay on it. Bjork...she's good for any day really...she's like the new black, she'll go with anything. Any mood...any kind of weather. She's my Rock Mama and I love her. I feel that if I met her, that I would do the same as I did when I met Margaret...cry on her tiny little shoulder. But, I feel that Bjork would pick me up and carry me into the sunset, while singing.

I am feeling Zen today...but I have the urge to play Perfect Dark and blow things up. So...what do you call that? Awesome, I guess.
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