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Just because they call themselves friends doesn't mean they'll call....

Met Amanda Fucking Palmer, once again. This time I got more up close and personal. I told her that I am straight, but I was very gay for her. Her response? "WOO!" With arms in the air. I then asked for a kiss on the cheek and I returned the favor. Amazing that woman is. I still kick myself for not saying how much her music has done for me. Physically and mentally. Corey thanked her for saving his life. They had a moment. I craved that. But, I suppose since I had a moment like that with Margaret...it will suffice. The feeling of your hero hugging you tight as you cry openly on their shoulder, is tremendous. I was quite overwhelmed to begin with. As well as with Amanda. But, I composed myself enough to not get emotional. Now I wish I did. Life's not worth holding things back, by any means. So, I should have went with it. I mean, for fuck sakes, IT'S AMANDA PALMER!!! Gosh, am I gay for that woman. Not only do I lust after her brain, but all of her as well. She's so sweet and that smile could keel over a horse for it's utter beauty. At least I didn't see Shelby. Hah! Long story. Shelby was this chick, Core, Ameenah, and I met outside of the World Inferno Friendship Society show. Brian was playing there and we were in a tizzy about talking to him and freaking out over Dresden related things. Then this small, spectacled woman comes out of the bellows of Richmond and starts talking us up about how she knows Brian and Amanda and how Brian had invited her up to his hotel room. But, she didn't fuck him. Full of shit Shelby is what you are, my dear. She was so sketch, man. Anyway, gotta dash, my time's about to expire. On the computer that is.
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