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What a time, what a gas, what a whirlwind...

Today was non-eventful. I smiled and secretly swooned over my boss. We did painting, after freeplay outside, with the kids. The theme was fall scene. He painted a very straight tree with gravestones at the bottom. I drew a large, elder tree with branches all over the place. Its leaves the color of fire. I put it in the dark, but made the tree glow with a humming light surrounding it. I told Jason that it was full of tree fairies. Some of my kids sat and watched me paint it. They become enamored with watching me draw, paint, scribble, doodle, and what have you. They always ask the same questions over and over. "How do you draw like that?", "Why do you draw so good?" etc. I answer the same everytime. "I just draw. I do it everyday."

I miss my darling boy. The tree I drew reminded me of him. The trees at Old City Cemetary. It made me yearn to see his face. Though I did see it yesterday, for a sliver of time. He came into town for a visit. I wish he would have stayed here. But, he has richmond to tend to.

I took a test on one of my Kids' Itouch, what color are you. I came up red. It said I live everything and feel everything passionately. Which is true, in most ways about me. Some days I feel I've lost my edge and I jolt myself back in somehow....like a vengance. I never want to be dull, ever. The thought of being dull makes me cringe.

I love Betty White. I will be inconsulable when she finally passes into the great beyond. She is eighty-seven. I hope she has vampire powers because if she died I just couldn't take it. She's like my MeeMah.
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