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Everything fades.....

Everyone seems to be dying now. It's quite depressing. My bestie's ex died in a car crash and my boy's cousin's mom just passed away. It's just that I hear about someone I know (in real life and spotlight) and they just go up and die. I realize that that is a way of life. It ends at some point. I learned that when I was a wee lass. That is nothing new. But, when people I know and liked, loved, or tolerated, die, I'm a little taken aback. Especially for the fact of that they went to soon. Like the mother or the ex-boyfriend. They won't get to sit outside and enjoy the air brushing their hair back from their face. They won't see a sunset. I mean, yeah, they'll be "around", but it won't be breathing beside you. It's just things like this re-reminds you that life is so fragile and can end so quickly. Tell people how you feel before you're sitting there wishing you did.

I need to tell my Ma that I love her. I can't remember the last time I hugged her.
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