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My tears fall for no one but myself......


I missed you.

I know, you too.

I don't like having a vagina sometimes. It gets angry at me and I've never done anything to harm it. I give it nothing but love. But, it decides..."hey, that chick isn't giving me enough attention....time to make her pay." Oh furious snatch, why do you hate me so? Por que?

It's hurting now. It knows I speak of it. Weird.

I wish Billie Holiday didn't give into drugs. I know she wouldn't have lasted to the 2000's, but she could have created more songs to ease my mind. I mean, if she was clean, we probably wouldn't have the tunes that we listen to today. So, it's the devil that feeds. That sort of thang. *shrugs* I guess I just wish for something more when it comes to artists I love.

Last week, I was watching Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny referrred to Eryl Flynn. I laughed and then realized that 80% of the people that surround me day to day, would not get it. I smiled at the thought.
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