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Meeting the almighty Cho.......

Haven't updated. Oh wells.

I saw Margaret Cho last night with my Darling boy and few others. I didn't believe it to be real since I'm so used to seeing her in a tiny box and making me laugh. Now here she was....directly in front of me. I had front row seats. God given, I'm sure. I just sat in complete awe and constantly had to tell myself, unlike Aladdin and Nemo, this bitch is real. I laughed a whole lot, as expected. My face hurt. I kept telling everyone that I knew I was going to cry once she crossed the stage. I just figured it'd be then. But, I didn't....at that point. Cut to us standing outside, waiting for The Margaret. She finally came out of these doors and there was already a small number of people. We all slowly crowded around her, as to not scare the queen. My heart started beating so fast and I automatically became little kid superfan. I started thinking of what I was going to say. How she helped me in more ways that she could imagine. How she made me laugh when I didn't think I could. She knocked me out of some bad times I had going on throughout my life. Of course, when I finally got up to see her....all of that flew straight out the fucking window. As soon as I hugged her, I felt the lump in my throat coming up. Desperately trying to hold it back, I just remember saying nothing really relevant. Because I knew if I spoke the tears would come crashing down. Then I looked at her face while pictures started to be taken. The water started to flow. I then rested my 5'10 self and my 5'10 head on her shoulder and cried. She held me tight and that just made it worse. I lifted my head finally and said to her " I never cry. But, it's just, you've helped me out so much. And I love you." By the way, all of that was said shaky, so add the effect if you will. She hugged me again. She couldn't speak though because of her saving her voice and whatnot....it was kind of like Disneyland mascots how you can say all you want to them, but they cannot return the favor. I really wanted to tell her that even though I was probably the only straight girl there, that she made me feel right at home. But, I was so damn emotional that I had forgotten. But, she signed my shirt and I got a picture with her. She signed my shirt. "Rhiannon, you ARE BEAUTIFUL. Margaret Cho" It made me tear up again. I probably freaked everyone out because I never show this side of me. Few have seen it, and I wish it were different, but eh....I'm human. Anyways, I loved it and end of story. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
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